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Antique Bookshelf and bookcases with carving frame, Mehrab style, old door bookshelf.

Bone Inlay Furniture - Mango Wood Furniture - Stool
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The diverse Indian cultures, lifestyles, traditions etc. have lent the most vibrant and exquisite designs to handicrafts. They come in a spellbinding variety of vibrant motifs and designs. The beautiful artifacts that have surfaced from the Harrappan and Mohanjodaro civilization sites reveal the artistic inclinations of the ancient man. Today, the same technique and crafts perfected over centuries continue to captivate the aesthetics of the modern person. Click through a variety of products that lend grace and beauty to your homes, offices and buildings. Our Wooden Furniture products has lot to offer you like Cabinet, dining tables and chairs, garden chairs, shelves, book-stands... the list is endless, as is the variety available. Different materials like wood, metal etc. are used to make furniture, with each state having its own distinct style. The magnificent artistic skills of the artisans reflect the wide range of ethnic patterns. Furniture that was once exclusive to the royal palaces today adorns the drawing rooms of the houses belonging to common man, thanks to the exquisite workmanship of our craftsmen. Interior decoration with these pieces is bound to offer elegance. The choices range from vibrant colors to soft hues, from simple styles to the most intricate artwork; from your living room to your kitchen.... they fill your house with taste and elegance.

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