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S Antiques Indian is manufacture and exporter of fine Indian furnishings, bone inlay furniture. We stock bone inlay furniture and mother of pearl inlay , white metal furniture and Indian silver furniture. Our Craftsmen delicately shape fragments of Camel bone into beautiful floral patterns to be set into resins of different colours to create a visually stunning effect for bone inlay furniture. (No Camels are harmed but die of natural causes.) The same technique is also employed with Mother of Pearl to create a similar result with an iridescent quality.

White Metal furniture is tradition that is little known in other countries. Sheets of silvery Nickel alloy are stretched over beautifully handmade wooden furniture. The alloy is either embossed by hand or left smooth to create a stylish and contemporary effect. Cupboards, chests of drawers and sideboards are lined with velvet.

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geomatric bone inlay drawer chest wave bone inlay drawer chest blue bone inlay drawer chest 4 drawer bone inlay drawer chest honey comb bone inlay drawer chest
BN-001 BN-002 BN-003 BN-004 BN-005
blue bone inlay tray floral bone inlay tray 3 drawer bone inlay drawer chest drawer chest black bone inlay pink floral tray
BN-006 BN-007 BN-008 BN-009 BN-010
bone inlay bedside cabinet bone inlay stool mother of pearl mirror frame
BN-011 BN-012 BN-013 BN-014 BN-015
BN-016 BN-017 BN-018 BN-019 BN-020
4 drawer console table round bone inlay tray grey bone inlay side table
BN-021 BN-022 BN-023 BN-024 BN-025

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