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S Antiques Indian Furniture, Jodhpur, Rajasthan INDIA

The company offers following range of products in host of mesmerizing designs can enhance the elegance .Following is the wide array of exotic Indian furniture available with S Antiques Indian :


Industrial Furniture India

Reclaimed Wood Furniture India

Our site is dedicated to both our Wholesale and Retail Customers. We are  manufacturer and exporter of Indian furniture, accessories and accent pieces. Our home furnishings are manufactured Jodhpur, INDIA. Please feel free to view our Products. To obtain wholesale prices please Contact Us.

E-mail : sales@antiquesindian.com

Reclaimed Wood Industrial Furniture India

Aircraft Style Furniture





Indian Arches, Archways

Antique Reproduction Furniture, Brass Furniture, Color Furniture

Bone Furniture, Bone Inlay furniture

Wooden Carving, Brass Dining Set

White Metal Furniture, Silver Furniture

Arches / Archways

BNC Collection

Bone Furniture / Bone Inlay Furniture

Brass Dining Set

White Metal / Silver Furniture

Ceramic Gift Articles

New Sheesham Wood Furniture

Antique Reproduction Furniture

SBA Collection, Antique Reproduction Furniture

Carving Panels, Decoratives

Ceramic Articles

New Sheesham Furniture

Exclusive Range

SBA Collection

Carving Panels

New Tables

Sheesham Almirah and cabinets.

indian antique accessories



New Tables

Almirah / Cabinets




Antique Indian Furniture

Old Door TV Cabinets

Antique Sideboards Cabinets

Antique Reproduction Boxes Trunks

Antique Reproduction Bookshelves

Antique Reproduction Tables

TV Cabinets


Boxes/ Trunks



Antique Reproduction Almirah Cabinets

Indian Bedroom Furniture

Indian Antique Architectural Pieces Doors Arches Pillars

Indian Handicrafts Items

Almirah / Cabinets


Doors / Arches


Tribal Carving Range

Wooden Mirror Frames





Mirror Frames





Indian Furniture (Sheesham Furniture)

JA Range is range with combination for wood and iron jali.

shisham chairs and benches

CH Range made up of shisham furniture with modern look.

Indian Furniture, N-Collection

Different type of Dining Sets with traditinal and modern look.

JA Range

Chairs / Bench

CH Range


Dining Sets


Indian Furniture

Stock items Indian , antique trunks, include shelves, antique tables, antique coffee tables, antique sideboards, antique consoles, cupboards, daybeds, tv cabinets, chests, boxes, cd cabinets, wrought iron wine cabinets. Antiques Indian provide Indian wooden furniture , to suit your taste and requirements. You may select from pieces we already have in stock, or you may request samples. Provide us with photographs, designs and/or drawings of a selected piece and we can quote you a price and delivery time. Indian Wooden Furniture is made from solid Indian hardwoods, sheesham and teak, utilizing old doors, windows, columns. Our Indian wooden furniture is all made from recycled teak or top grade aged sheehsam wood, a hard wood which doesn’t warp, split or crack – the aging of the timbers giving it a rustic appeal.

Indian Architectural Pieces

We carry wide range of columns/pillars  and old doors, arches and frames. From old doorways, columns/pillars and arches. Whatever your design need, in architectural pieces, we can source or make for you, usually delivering in less than 6-7 weeks.

Antiques Indian have a group of skilled carpenters and artists, producing Indian furniture and architectural pieces . Many are made using old pieces such as doors and columns/pillars , making every piece a master piece.


We hope that you will enjoy browsing through the wide array of Indian furniture that we can provide to you . Whether you are a retailer with plans to buy from our wholesale warehouse, or a wholesaler with full-, direct-container needs, Antiques Indian should give you an insight into the depth of Indian furniture styles available with us. We wish you an informative and exciting go through. We look forward to meeting you.

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All our products are handmade from all over the India and each piece is individual. Therefore the items may differ slightly from the advertised image in shade, colour and pattern.

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